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Tuner (or chromatic tuner) is used to tune up your music instrument. It's mainly used in string instruments like guitar, bass, violin, cello, etc. (you have to turn the knob of tuning machine and watch how far you are from the note) but It's also suitable for tuning up wind instruments e.g. saxophone, flute, clarinett or trumpet (in this case you have to move mouthpiece in or out).

Tuner is also a very good device for wind instrument players to practice stability of your sound, so I encourage you to use it in your everyday lessons. Enjoy!


Idea, gfx, code ... Marcin Szpak (TDL)


bugs and feedback ... feedbackasdf@besttuneronlinefifi.com
other ... marcin@besttuneronlinefifi.com

Tuner - basics

Typical usage of guitar tuner is setting up your guitar into needed tuning arrangement. The most popular tuning is : E A d g b e1 (order from lowest to highest sound, e1 is the most thin string). Standard tunings for other instruments are: E1 A1 D G - for bass guitar and double bass g d1 a1 e2 - for violin C G d a - for cello c g d1 a1 - for viola

Another common usage of chromatic tuner is precision training for wind instruments.

Tuner - usage

To tune up your string instrument you have to pluck a string and look on the tuner's 'needle screen' how far you are from the required note. Than just turn the knob to precisely reach the note you need. You have to do this for each string.

If you play on wind instrument you can train precision by blowing the note and trying to keep it long, stable and with no fluctuations.

Best Tuner Online - requirements

1. First of all, you need Adobe Flash Player to use this tuner. The most of internet users already have it, so don't worry. 2. Next, there will be microphone access prompt - choose 'remember' and 'allow' just like on the screen below:

If you've chosen 'deny' you can try again here On following Adobe Flash settings select 'allow' and 'remember' and refresh the page.
3. Than you have to plug in your microphone but typically it's not necessary because most of laptops has already microphone onboard. If your computer doesn't have microphone onboard than you have to connect external microphone (e.g. from headset). If you don't have a microphone you can just plug in phones as a microphone. Yes! This is because phones and microphone are quite similar devices. 4. Finally you have to select microphone input in system mixer and turn up microphone volume: Windows: Start / Run.../ type 'sndvol32 -R' and press enter / select Microphone OS X: Linux: have fun with alsamixer and gui mixer :-)

Best Tuner Online - technical informations

  • Waveform display and needle display uses much cpu power so if you encounter weak performance than firstly turn off waveform display and if this won't help try to turn off needle display to leave only note view (clef icon).
  • Best Tuner Online is my latest, brand new software and it uses Adobe Flash Player as an audio engine, so it's obligatory, but soon I'm going to make Java engine which should be much faster and maybe more precise.
  • At the moment Best Tuner Online works in equal temperament with a4=440Hz. In near future I'm going to add advanced options with possibility to tune up your instrument in other pitch than standard 440Hz pitch.
  • I've tested this tuner deeply and it should work quite good for E1-c4 scale which should be enough for most of instruments. But I think that soon I'll make even better pitch detection algorithm.
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Free Tuner Online

Marcin, 2011-04-25

Hello all. I've finally started the Tuner Project. It should help you to tune up your music instruments. Official name is "Best Tuner Online" :D Typical names are chromatic tuner, electronic tuner, needle tuner, guitar tuner, digital tuner, universal audio tuner, whatever... :-) Enjoy!